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Month: December 2022


How to change the color of the bullets in a Wix menu?

Are you a web designer trying to customize your client’s Wix website? Do you want to know how to change the color of the bullets on a Wix menu? Is it even possible? Using custom fonts on a website has…


How to make a website in Wix for a client?

Do you want to create an impressive website for a client, but don’t know where to start? Are the tools available versatile enough to give your client a unique and attractive webpage? Can the website be set up quickly and…


How to design a website with Wix?

Are you looking for a comprehensive yet easy guide to design a website using Wix? Do you want to make sure that your website looks professional and modern? Does the concept of designing a website with a user-friendly drag and…


How long does it take to make a website on Wix?

Are you thinking about creating a website for your business or blog but unsure about how much time it would take? Or, what tools you need to create the perfect website? Are you struggling to find the right website builder…