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How to add a podcast on a Wix website homepage?

Do you ever want to give your website an extra boost with a podcast? Are you wondering what platforms make it easy to add a podcast to the homepage? Or maybe you’re just looking for a few tips on making the most of podcasting on your website?

In the digital world, having an online presence is essential for businesses, bloggers, and content creators. While having a website is great for showcasing your services, adding a podcast can give both your website and your content an extra oomph. Besides ensuring your website appears professionally designed, posting podcasts increases your appeal to visitors both existing and potential. Beyond providing supplementary content, podcasts offer a more professional look and helps visitors to trust your website.

In this article, you will learn how to add a podcast to your Wix website homepage. You will be guided through the steps of setting up your podcast, covering topics such as adding your own podcast, fitting the podcast to your website, and maximizing your podcast’s visibility. Additionally, the article will provide examples of podcast episodes to give users ideas on how to get started.

By the end of this article, you will be equipped to create an appealing podcast page that highlights your services and content in a way that connects with your viewers. You will also find tips on understanding your audience and creating effective podcast episodes. Read on to learn more about making your podcast successful.

How to add a podcast on a Wix website homepage?

Definitions of Adding a Podcast on Wix Website Homepage

Adding a podcast to a Wix website homepage requires understanding a few key terms. A podcast is an audio or video program, made available on the internet for downloading to a computer, mobile device, or personal media player. It is a subscription based digital file format containing audio or video content that can be periodically distributed in a series.

A Wix website is a popular cloud-based web development platform for user website creation. It offers a drag and drop editor and other features so that webmasters can create their websites without coding knowledge.

The homepage of a website is the first page that visitors land on when they access a website address. Generally, a website homepage should both give visitors an overview of the site, its purpose, and how to find the content they are looking for.

Adding a podcast to a Wix website homepage can be achieved in a few simple steps. First, navigate to the page where the podcast should appear. Then, click “add” and select the “podcast” feature. Next, enter the podcast feed URL and click save. The podcast will then appear on the homepage. Be sure to add description and images to make it more enticing for visitors.

Introducing Podcasts to Your Wix Website Homepage

Introducing Podcasts to Your Wix Website Homepage

Understanding Podcasts

Podcasts are digital audio files that are distributed over the internet. Podcasts are made up of individual episodes which are typically recorded and published on a consistent basis. Episodes can vary in length from 5 minutes to over an hour, depending on the content. Popular podcast topics vary and include news, politics, comedy, music, interviews, storytelling, and more.
Podcasts can be beneficial to a Wix website, as bringing in unique content and engaging with the audience. This can also increase chances of being found by potential website visitors due to the increased search engine optimization that podcasts can provide.

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Adding Podcasts to Your Wix Website Homepage

Integrating podcasts into your website’s homepage is easy with Wix’s built-in features. This requires a few basic steps, outlined below:

  • Create a podcast channel in the Wix Media Manager.
  • Upload your podcasts to the channel.
  • Embed the channel in your website.
  • Set up your podcast player on the homepage.

It can also be beneficial to give your audience a preview of the podcast from the homepage. This can be done by adding a podcast player element which allows the podcast to play directly on the homepage. This can be done in a few steps:

  • Drag a podcast player onto the page.
  • Link it to your podcast’s channel.
  • Choose a few of the most recent episodes to show in the player.

By adding a podcast player to your website’s homepage, visitors will be able to get a taste of what your podcast is about in a few clicks. Additionally, offering this preview allows website visitors to make decisions about whether or not to explore your podcast further, or purchase the episodes.

Setting Up a Podcast on Your Wix Website

Setting Up a Podcast on Your Wix Website

“A podcast is like a virtual campfire, a place around which people come to share stories.” -Jenna Weiss-Berman, Podcast Producer

Having a podcast on your Wix website is a great way to engage your audience and expand your brand. It allows you to share a deeper, more informative version of your message or story with an ever expanding audience. With podcasts, you create a deeper connection with potential and current customers, allowing them to get to know you, your team, and your message in a more intimate way.

Getting Started

The first step to setting up a podcast on your Wix site is to create your podcast, which may include recording and editing your audio file. Once you have completed this step, you can then upload the audio file to Wix’s library. Wix also offers widgets that make it easy to embed your podcast on your website in the form of a video.

Embedding Your Podcast

In order to embed your podcast, you’ll need to install the HTML5 video widget. Once you have installed the widget, you can then start embedding your podcast on your Wix website. To embed your podcast, copy the URL for the audio file from the library and paste it into the HTML5 video widget. Your podcast will then be embedded and ready to be viewed by your audience.
Adding podcasts to your Wix website is a great way to engage your audience and expand your reach. With podcasts, you can easily connect with your fans, build relationships, and offer an even deeper connection to your brand. Using the HTML5 video widget makes it easy to embed your podcast on your website, and allows you to quickly and easily share your story with the world.

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Making Your Podcast Discoverable on Your Homepage

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Making Your Podcast Discoverable on Your Homepage

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” ― Mark Twain

Adding a podcast to your Wix website homepage can be beneficial in many ways. Not only can you establish an online presence for your podcast but you can also make it easy for people to find and enjoy your content. It is important to make sure that your podcast is discoverable on the homepage of your website, or else potential listeners may not be able to find it.

Making Your Podcast Visible

The first step in making sure that your podcast is discoverable is making sure that it is visible. You can do this by adding a dedicated page on your website. This page should include an introduction to the podcast, show notes, and a link to the podcast on your hosting platform. You can also include a list of past episodes, a link to subscribe via various podcast apps, and social media buttons so visitors can share the podcast on their own social media accounts.

Providing Visual Elements

To really make sure that your podcast is discoverable on your homepage, you should also add some visual elements. For example, you can include a large banner that links to the dedicated podcast page of your website. You can also add thumbnails for each podcast episode with a link to the show notes page. Finally, you can add a sidebar link that lists all the episodes of your podcast.

By taking these steps, you can ensure that your podcast is discoverable on your Wix website homepage. Visitors will be able to easily navigate to your podcast page and the various episodes, making it easy to find and enjoy your content.


Have you ever wanted to add a podcast to your Wix website homepage? It can be a great and unique way to engage with your audience, and an effective way to draw attention to your latest content. Adding a podcast to your website requires a few simple steps, and with a bit of upfront effort, the rewards can be substantial.
It doesn’t take much to get started – a file hosting service and a bit of coding knowledge are all you need. First, you’ll want to find a hosting service that can stream audio files. Once you have your podcast hosted, you can use your Wix website to embed the media player on your homepage. It’s important to ensure that your podcast is kept up to date and that it displays correctly on your website. This means regularly updating the content and checking that the audio streams without interruptions.
At the end of the day, podcasting can be an incredibly valuable medium used to offer unique and engaging content for website visitors. While adding a podcast to a Wix website does require a few steps, it can help to increase traffic and attract more viewers to your site. So, why not consider adding a podcast to your own website and enjoy the benefits it can bring? Are you ready to join the podcast revolution? If so, keep an eye out for new releases and follow our blog for further information.

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Q: How do I add a podcast to my Wix website homepage?
A: First, you need to log into your Wix account and access the site builder. Next, you will need to sign up for a third-party podcast hosting service such as Spreaker or Simplecast. Once you have connected the podcast hosting account to your Wix website, you can upload the audio file, customize the design of the podcast page, and embed it to your homepage.
Q: Do I need separate hosting for a podcast?
A: Yes, in order to add a podcast to your website, you will need to sign up for a third-party podcast hosting service such as Spreaker or Simplecast. The hosting service will stream your podcast audio files so your listeners can access them.
Q: What type of audio files can I upload to my podcast page?
A: You can upload MP3 files to your podcast page. It is best practice to keep the audio files below 30MB in size. Additionally, you can also add artwork and banners to customize the appearance of the podcast page.
Q: How can my listeners find my podcast?
A: Once the podcast hosting account is connected to your Wix website, it will be submitted to major podcast streaming services such as Spotify and iTunes. You can also share a direct link to your podcast page on your website or through social media.
Q: How do I update or remove a podcast on my Wix website?
A: To update a podcast on Wix, simply edit or delete the podcast file in your podcast hosting account and it will be automatically updated on your Wix website. To remove a podcast, you need to disconnect the podcast hosting account from your Wix website in the Site Builder. Alternatively, you can also delete the embed element from your website page.

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