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How to add Instagram feeds on a Wix website?

Have you ever wanted to connect your Wix website with your Instagram account? Have you ever been curious about how to best add Instagram feeds to your site? Have you ever wondered if there is a simple way to let your visitors keep up with your latest Instagram posts?

Today, many businesses and organizations use Instagram to spread the word about their products, services, and news. But unfortunately, when they are using a Wix site, it can be difficult to link their Instagram page to the website. In fact, one of the biggest challenges that organizations may face is to find a way to add an Instagram feed to a Wix website. This can be an especially difficult task for those who don’t have much technical knowledge.

In this article, you will learn how to add an Instagram feed to your Wix website in a few simple steps. We will discuss everything you need to know about adding the feed, such as the best ways to customize the design, how to maintain the feed, and more. With this guide, your site visitors will be able to view the latest updates from your Instagram page and stay connected with your brand.

We will also provide some tips on how to make sure your Instagram feed looks its best, such as choosing the right colors and fonts. We will review the available Instagram widgets and third-party plugins, and look at the pros and cons of each. Finally, we will discuss the best practices for monitoring, moderating, and managing comments and replies on your Instagram feed.


Instagram is a popular social media platform founded in 2010 that allows users to share personal photos and videos with others. Wix is a website creator that enables users to create stunning websites and manage their content without any coding knowledge. With Wix, a user can add Instagram feeds to their website, allowing them to make their site more interactive and appealing to their audience.

The term feed is used to describe a collection of images, videos and other content from Instagram that appear on a widget or page on a website. It is an easy way to let website visitors view content from Instagram without having to leave the website.

The process of adding Instagram feeds to a Wix website involves creating an Instagram page, creating a social application, and setting up the feeds. First, the user must create an Instagram page specific to their website. This will allow the Instagram images to be embedded in the website. Then, the user must create a social application using the App Key provided by Instagram. This allows the user to authenticate their connection with Instagram. Finally, the user must configure the feed and establish what images to display by setting up the Instagram Listened Hashtags.

By adding Instagram feeds to a Wix website, users can create a visually appealing and engaging experience for their website visitors. It allows visitors to view images without ever having to leave the site, which can increase the site’s popularity and SEO ranking.

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1. Choosing the Right Wix Template

Adding Instagram feeds to a Wix website can be incredibly beneficial, from increasing engagement with your brand to giving visitors a further insight into your life or business. The intuitive drag-and-drop builder makes it easy to customize your site even further, allowing you to create a cohesive and engaging design.

Adding the Feed From the Wix App Market

The simplest way to add an Instagram feed to a Wix website is to do so through the Wix App Market. Here, you can search for ‘Instagram Feed’ and choose from a variety of options that integrate with your website. Once you’ve chosen the one you want to use, click ‘Add to Site’, customize the settings, and enjoy your new Instagram feed on your website.

Set Up

Once the app is installed, you’ll need to configure it correctly. This usually includes authenticating your Instagram account, choosing which type of content you want to display on your feed and customizing how it looks on your site. Some apps will allow you to choose the number of posts to display and the layout of the feed.

Beautification Options

This is where you can really make your Instagram feed look great. Some apps will allow you to customize the font, size, and color of text, which can be changed to match the overall style of your website. Other options might allow you to add borders around your photos or even add your own custom overlays to make the feed stand out even further.

  • Choose the app from Wix App Market
  • Complete the setup
  • Optimize the beautification options

If you’re looking to add an Instagram feed to your website, Wix websites are the perfect platform to do so. With the number of apps available from the App Market, you can easily find a solution that works for you and customize it to your preferences.

2. Creating an Instagram App for the Feed

Instagram is an increasingly popular and powerful way to connect with people online and promote products and services. There are a few different ways to add an Instagram feed to a Wix website. Some of the most popular options are using plugins to embed it into the site, creating an Instagram page on the website, and displaying the feed through an Instagram app.

Using Plugins

The first option is to use plugins. There are a variety of plugins available for Wix, including ones specifically designed for adding an Instagram feed to the website. These plugins usually create a “widget” which appears on the website page and displays the last several posts from the Instagram account. The plugins can be customized with different colors or design flexibility, and often allow for certain images or videos to be excluded.

Creating an Instagram Page

The second option is to create an Instagram page on the website. This page functions similarly to a typical Instagram page profile, with posts visible from the Instagram account. This is a great way to ensure the entire feed is visible right on the website. The page also functions as a direct link to the Instagram page, making it easy for people to follow and engage with the account.

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Using an Instagram App

The final option is to use an Instagram app. This is similar to a plugin, but instead of an on-page widget, it creates an app within the website. This is a great way to make the feed stand out and add a unique visual look to the website. The app can be fully customized to include navigational menus, filters, and more.
In conclusion, adding an Instagram feed to a Wix website can be done in a variety of ways. Using plugins, creating an Instagram page on the website, and installing an Instagram app are some of the most popular methods. Each option has its own advantages and disadvantages, depending on the needs of the website. It is important to consider the different options before deciding which one is the best suited for the site.

3. Embedding the Instagram Feed on Your Website

Instagram is an incredibly popular social media platform that is used by millions of people around the world. It is also an excellent platform for businesses to leverage for promoting their brands, sharing product updates and building their community. However, displaying Instagram content on other platforms such as your website can be a challenge. Fortunately, with the help of Wix, it’s easy to integrate Instagram content directly into your website – without the need for any coding!

Setting up the Integration

The first step in integrating Instagram content into your website is setting up the actual integration. With Wix, you can either use an existing integration or create a custom integration for displaying your Instagram feed directly on your website. For an existing integration, you simply log in to your Wix account and click on “My Apps” from the side menu. Then, click “Add an App,” select Instagram from the list of available apps, and follow the instructions to set up the integration.
For a custom integration, you’ll need to use the Wix Code Editor. You can access the Wix Code Editor by clicking on the “Developer Tools” icon from the side menu of your Wix dashboard. Once you’re in the editor, select the “Add Instagram ” tab and follow the steps to generate the code for your integration.

Customizing Your Instagram Feed

Once the integration is set up, you’ll be presented with several customization options for your Instagram feed. You can decide what type of content you want to display (e.g. photos, videos, etc.), the size and position of your feed on the page, and even the colors of your feed.
If you’d like to further customize and customize your Instagram feed, you can do so by using the “Manage Feed” feature. This allows you to control which posts appear in your feed and how they are ordered. You can also use the “Custom CSS” option to add small tweaks to the design of the feed to make it look and feel more on brand.
Once you’re finished customizing your Instagram feed, you just need to click the “Publish” button and the feed will be live on your website.
Adding an Instagram feed to your website with Wix is an easy and effective way to showcase your content and engage with your followers. With a few simple steps and some customizations, you can have your Instagram content fully integrated into your website in no time.

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As more and more businesses develop their presence online, the use of Instagram feeds on websites appears to be a growing trend. But how difficult is it to ensure that Instagram feeds are correctly added to a Wix website? The fact of the matter is, it doesn’t have to be complicated at all. With a few simple steps, you can easily add your Instagram feeds to any page on your website.
So, now that you know how easy it can be to incorporate Instagram feeds on your Wix website, why not give it a try? After all, anything that makes your website more interesting and engaging to viewers will certainly benefit your business. Follow our blog for up-to-date advice on the use of Instagram feeds in website design and make sure to keep an eye out for when our upcoming releases hit the shelves.
Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: Is it difficult to add Instagram feeds to a Wix website?
A: No, it doesn’t have to be difficult. With a few simple steps, you can easily add Instagram feeds to your Wix website.
Q: How often should I update my Instagram feeds?
A: As often as possible. You should aim to update your Instagram feeds at least a few times a week, to ensure that your viewers have fresh content to engage with.
Q: What type of content should I publish on my Instagram feed?
A: Content that is relevant to your business and that will be of interest to viewers. You should also be sure to construct an engaging message or caption alongside your images.
Q: Does adding an Instagram feed to my Wix website increase website engagement?
A: Absolutely! Incorporating an Instagram feed into your website makes it more interesting and will help to boost engagement from your viewers.
Q: Are there any other benefits to having an Instagram feed on my website?
A: Yes. Not only does it attract new viewers, but it also provides an easy and convenient way for your existing viewers to stay up to date with your business. Furthermore, it gives your business an opportunity for direct interaction with your followers and potential customers via comments, direct messages, and likes.