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How to design a website with Wix?

We are living in the era of digitization, so having your website designed properly is essential for many businesses. But how to do it with Wix? What Wix features should be used and what might be a good start? How to create a website that fits your needs and stands out from the noise?

It is true that having an effective website design that correctly portrays your business is a key factor in bringing in new customers. That is why it is important to pay special attention to website design and building, especially when it comes to a platform like Wix. According to the research from Global Web Index, over 331 million people are using Wix worldwide[1] and so it makes for an important platform to get familiar with. Moreover, Wix has their own research[2] that shows that businesses on their platform grow at a rate double that of the average industry in each country.

In this article, you will learn what Wix is, what features are best for website design, and how to use them to create a website that fits your needs. From understanding the basics of design, adding simple touches of personalization to make it stand out, and giving it life by adding the right content, you will be able to build a website with Wix with confidence.

You will also learn how to create a website that you are proud to share with people, a website that expresses who you are, what your message is, and a website that will bring more people to your business.


Wix is an online website builder which enables users to create professional looking websites using drag and drop tools. It is designed for non-technical and tech-savvy individuals to quickly and easily create a website without needing any coding knowledge. Wix offers an easy to use interface, hundreds of design options, and a wide range of features to choose from.

Drag and Drop Tools: These tools allow users to select items from a menu and drag them into the page, rearranging them as needed. This makes it easy and quick to design a website, as the code and layout is already set up.

Design Options: Wix provides a wide selection of design options, from templates to themes and colors. Each design is fully customizable, and users can select from different backgrounds, fonts, and more.

Features: Wix offers a range of features to enhance website design and functionality. These include a photo gallery, blog, ecommerce store, and more. All of these features are fully integrated and easily customizable.

Live Editing: With Wix, websites can be edited and customized in real-time. This makes it quick and easy to update the website design without needing to write any code.

Choose a Theme for Your Website

Creating an aesthetically pleasing website on Wix requires careful planning and consideration for the user experience (UX). Wix offers a great selection of customizable themes that can help you get started. Picking the right theme can give your website a unique look and feel, making it stand out from the competition and giving it the professional edge that customers and visitors look for.

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Choose Your Theme Wisely

When selecting a theme, make sure you choose one that fits the purpose of your website and evokes the feeling you are trying to convey. Have you ever visited a website that was cluttered and overwhelming? You don’t want that to be your website. Look at elements such as menu placement, layout, and color theme for your website. Wix themes offer both basic and powerful options to give you complete control over the design of your website.

Utilize Customization Tools

Customization tools are essential for taking your website to the next level and making it truly stand out. Wix offers a range of tools and features that can help you create a unique website. With features like custom backgrounds, fonts, and even the ability to add HTML code, you can customize almost anything on your website.
Don’t be afraid to experiment; try out different fonts and color combinations to find something that truly fits your website’s aesthetic. Working with a theme provides a great starting point for a website, but with the help of customization tools you can make it something truly unique.

Check Mobile Responsiveness

Mobile optimization is vital for any website. As of mid-2020, over half of all online traffic was coming from mobile devices and the trend is only headed one way. Wix themes are all “mobile ready”, meaning the layout and design you chose for desktop will automatically adapt to mobile devices.
However, you should always take the time to check your website on various mobile devices to ensure that the website works the way you want it.
In conclusion, creating an aesthetically pleasing website using Wix depends on careful planning and choice of theme. Customization tools and mobile optimization should then be considered to ensure your website truly stands out from the crowd.

  • Choose your theme wisely
  • Utilize customization tools
  • Check mobile responsiveness

Customize the Look and Feel of Your Website

Customize the Look and Feel of Your Website

Designing a stunning website with Wix is easier than ever. Wix provides a powerful website builder that allows you to tailor the look and feel of your website to suit your own exact specifications. By using a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface you can create webpages without writing any code and customize the look and feel of your website with just a few clicks.

Getting Started

The first step in designing a website with Wix is to set up an account and choose which template best suits your website’s needs. Wix offers hundreds of templates that you can customize and craft to make your website stand out. After selecting a template, you can use the drag-and-drop interface to add and edit elements like images, buttons, and text. You can also add animation, video backgrounds, and GIFs to give your site an extra bit of personality.

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Getting Creative

The possibilities for designing a website with Wix are truly endless. You can customize your webpages with any combination of text, images, and videos, plus add animation and even embed custom HTML for more advanced features. You can also create custom themes that drive a consistent look and feel for your site. Wix offers a selection of professional website layouts and design elements to further customize your site and make it look and feel exactly how you want it.
In addition to the design elements, Wix also offers additional payment and ecommerce tools that you can use to make your website become a fully functioning online business. These tools include shopping carts, product catalogs, and integrated payments systems, which can help you to create a feature-rich and professional website quickly and easily.

Add Content to Your Website

Designing a website with Wix is easy and straightforward. Through Wix, anyone can create a clean and professional-looking website in no time. With Wix, users have access to a wide range of features and tools to help customize a website and make it stand out.
Choose a Template
The first step in designing a website with Wix is to choose a template to serve as the foundation of the website. Wix offers over 500 templates in various categories, such as business, blogging, creative, and more. Many of these templates are also designed to be mobile friendly. Once users select a template, they can personalize it to match their vision for the website.
Customize the Layout
The next step is to customize the layout of the website. In the Wix editor, users can arrange elements such as image galleries, text boxes, and contact forms. Additionally, users can drag and drop elements, making the layout process quick and easy. For committed users, Wix includes HTML and CSS editors, with which users can create more advanced customizations for their layout.
Add Content to the Website
The final step in creating a website with Wix is adding content such as text, images, and videos. Wix includes an easy-to-use content creation interface, with which users can create new content or transfer existing content to their website. After all content has been added to the website, users can also customize it with dynamic elements such as zoom effects, slides, and more. Additionally, if users need to add many images simultaneously, they can take advantage of Wix’s built-in bulk upload feature.
These are the three basic steps for designing a website with Wix. With a unique template, personalized layout, and customized content, users have all the tools they need to create an impressive and professional-looking website with Wix.

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Creating a website with Wix is an exciting endeavor that can open up a whole new world of possibilities for you and your business. But how best to go about designing one? Is an intuitive, user-friendly design the best choice, or do you need to invest more time into the development process? To find the answers you’re looking for, stay tuned to our blog for the latest tips and tricks. We promise to make designing a website with Wix an easy and efficient undertaking.
As you wait for new releases, keep in mind that these tips and tricks will appear regularly, so don’t forget to sign up and follow along! As you become more familiar with the design process on Wix, you’ll quickly recognize the vast amount of potential that it can open for you.
Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: What makes Wix stand out from other website design platforms?
A: Wix is an intuitive platform that allows for customization of web pages quickly and easily. Users are also able to access a range of templates and themes to create websites with a unique look.
Q: Is there support available for website design on Wix?
A: Yes, there is a range of customer support options available from Wix, making website design accessible to all. From tutorials to blog posts, this support system ensures that all users can create the website of their dreams.
Q: Are there any particular design principles I should be aware of when using Wix?
A: Yes, design principles such as white space, typography and readability should be considered when creating a website with Wix. Keeping these principles in mind will ensure the best possible results.
Q: How do I keep my site secure when using Wix?
A: Wix provides a range of security features to help keep your website safe and secure. These features include two-factor authentication and encryption services that are ideal for protecting a website from malicious attacks.
Q: Does Wix offer any insights or analytics about my website?
A: Yes, Wix provides in-depth analytics about a website’s performance and user engagement. This data can be used to make informed decisions on how best to promote and improve a website.
Creating a website with Wix is an achievable goal, and with the right approach and advice, anyone can design a website that’s both eye-catching and effective. With a range of tutorials, support and software available, Wix is a great choice of platform for all levels of web designers.