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How to make a website in Wix for a client?

Do you want to create an impressive website for a client, but don’t know where to start? Are the tools available versatile enough to give your client a unique and attractive webpage? Can the website be set up quickly and easily?

Building a website for a client requires skill and knowledge as it should be made both functional and visually appealing. With the wrong choice of platform, you can diminsh the client’s chances of success. Data shows that 77% of website viewers value design as the top criteria for judging credibility, indicating the importance of careful selection of tools.1 Wix, the leading cloud-based website development platform, may be an ideal choice for creating a successful website for a client. 2 

In this article, you will learn what features make Wix the ideal choice for creating a website for a client. You will also find out how to set up a website in Wix, the differences between the paid and unpaid plans, and how best to optimize your client’s website. Finally, you will be presented with step-by-step instructions on how to create an attractive and functional website that meets the needs of your client.

By the end of this article, you will understand all of the fundamentals of creating an awesome website with Wix for your client. The techniques outlined here will give your client a website that suits their target market and will help them to stand out from competitors.


Making a website in Wix for a client is an easy task, even for those who have limited technical knowledge. Wix is a cloud-based website builder that uses intuitive drag-and-drop tools for creating and customizing a professionally-looking website. With Wix, users can create an aesthetically pleasing site quickly with all the key elements such as menus, photo galleries and contact forms.

For clients looking for a website, Wix provides a variety of templates that are both easy to customize and modern looking. This allows clients to quickly create a website that includes all the features and functions they desire.

The process of creating a website in Wix is comprised of several steps that guide the user through the building process. Once the user registers, they choose a suitable template and begin customizing. This includes adding content, adjusting settings, and changing design elements. Each step is easy to use and allows clients to customize their website visually.

Once the website is completed, Wix provides powerful tools to help clients make their site SEO friendly. This allows users to ensure their website is visible on search engines like Google. Additionally, Wix offers an app market for users to add third-party features and functionality to their website.

Making a website with Wix can be a great way for clients to create their own website and save money. Wix is user-friendly, customizable, and secure, making it a great choice for those looking to build their own site.

Choose a Wix Template

Choose a Template

Creating a website with Wix is very straightforward and requires no prior coding experience. The first step of making a website with Wix is to select a template. There are a variety of templates available to choose from. The templates are divided into a variety of categories, such as business, online stores, portfolios, and events. Once the category is chosen, a range of designs with template designs specific to that category are displayed. Selecting a template starts the designing of the website.

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Customize the Template

Once a suitable template is chosen, it is time to customize the template to the specific needs of the client. This step is achieved by using Wix’s drag-and-drop editor. To use this editor, simply click on the design elements of the template and drag them around the page layout, or add text, photos, videos and more to the template. The editor also provides the option to add pages to the website using the page menu on the left side of the editor.

Publish the Website

Once the page layout and content is complete, it is time to publish the website. This is done by clicking on the “Publish” button in the upper right corner of the page. A preview of the website will be displayed. After publishing the website to the web, Wix offers options for connecting a custom domain or using a domain provided by Wix.

Advance Features

In addition to the basic website features, Wix provides options for more advanced customization. These include adding a Wix app store, e-commerce store, blog or forum, and more. These features can be selected before publishing the website, or later on in the website’s settings.

  • Choose a template for your website.
  • Customize the template.
  • Publish the website.
  • Add advanced features.

Customize the Template

Customize the Template
When creating a website for a client, using a website builder such as Wix can be an efficient and cost effective way to get a professional website launched quickly. Luckily, Wix offers a variety of website themes for different industries, as well as numerous customization options that will let your client create a website that fits their own style.
Select a Template
The first step when creating a website in Wix is to select a template. After this, the design of the website will automatically update to reflect the selected template. This is one of the quickest and most efficient ways to create a slick looking website. To make the most out of this, however, it is important to select a template that is as close to the desired end result as possible.
Customize Each Aspect
After you’ve selected your template, you’ll be able to customize each aspect of the design, including text, images, and colors. When customizing the website in this way, it’s important to make sure that the design is as cohesive as possible. Consider the font size, color, and style to ensure that they match and that the website looks consistent throughout. Additionally, try to choose images that fit the theme of the website.
Add Content
Content is an important aspect of any website. Customize the content of the website to the client’s requirements. This includes different types of content, such as text, images, links, and videos. Make sure to select content that matches the theme of the website and provides information that is useful to the target audience. Additionally, make sure that the content is interesting and engaging.
Optimize for Search Engines
Optimizing the website for search engine optimization (SEO) will enable it to be discovered and ranked higher by search engines like Google, which will help it gain more visibility. To do this, make sure to include keywords in the body text, URLs, images, and title tags. Additionally, ensure that there is a balance between the webpage content and the keywords used, as both will be taken into account by search engines.
Creating a website in Wix for a client is a great way to quickly launch a professional website. By selecting a template that is close to the desired end result and customizing each aspect of the design, content, and SEO of the website, the client will be able to create a website that is tailored to their needs and style.

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Publish the Website

Creating a website is an important task that requires knowledge and experience to properly design and develop for your client. With Wix, you can design your own website with ease, and ensure that you create an amazing end product that your client will love.
Getting Started
Before you even begin to create a website, it is important to have a plan and ensure that your client’s wishes are met. You should discuss what their goals for the website are, what type of content they plan to showcase, and any additional features that they require. From there you will need to gather any existing materials that your client may have such as logos or photographs to use on the website. You will also want to have a solid understanding of how Wix works so that you can create a website that is easy to use and navigate.
Design Decisions
Once you have all the material that you need, you can start to design the website. With Wix, you have many options of templates to choose from that can give you a great starting point. Once you have chosen a template, you can begin to customize it until the design meets your clients’ needs. The template already includes all the essential components for a website, so you can change the colours and fonts, add your own images and text, or whatever else is necessary to personalize the website.
Testing & Preparing for Launch
Once the design for the website is complete, you will need to thoroughly test the website and ensure that the features that were requested by the client, such as contact forms, are working properly. Along with testing, it is also important to ensure that the website is optimized for search engines by adding relevant keywords and other SEO techniques. If the website is e-commerce, you then need to ensure that the payment processing system is secure and working properly. Lastly, you need to connect the website to the domain name that the client has chosen and backup the website so any data is safe and secure.
Publishing the Website
Once you and your client are satisfied with their website, you can now publish the website and it will be available to the public. If you have set up the domain name properly, then the website will be immediately live. It is important to check back on the website frequently so that you can ensure that it is running as it should, and that all the features are still operating properly.
Creating a website with Wix is a simple and enjoyable process that many people can do in their spare time. With a little bit of experience and planning, you can create a great end product that your client will love.

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Creating a website in Wix for a client can seem intimidating, but with a little guidance, you can make a website that will exceed their expectations. Have you ever wondered what it takes to provide the best website setup for your clients?
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Questions & Answers:
Q1: What is Wix?
A1: Wix is a cloud-based web development platform that enables users to create stunning websites without ever having to learn to code.
Q2: What are the benefits of using Wix?
A2: Wix makes it easy to customize designs, build an online store, and add features like contact forms and live chat. Also, Wix offers marketing features such as SEO and analytics to help track and grow your website.
Q3: Is using Wix user-friendly?
A3: Absolutely! Wix makes website creation accessible to everyone, regardless of technical ability. Wix features a drag-and-drop editor so users can easily customize their website.
Q4: What support is available to help build a website on Wix?
A4: Wix includes helpful guides and tutorials, as well as support from their dedicated Customer Care Team. Wix also offers additional support through their Wix Experts program.
Q5: Is there an easy way to move a website from another platform to Wix?
A5: Yes. Wix gives users simple tools to easily transfer content from other websites into Wix. Plus, Wix offers a free migration service to help move an entire website from another platform to Wix.