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How to make Wix websites friendly to Google?

With more people turning to the internet to find answers, products, and services, it is essential that businesses pay attention to their websites. As a business owner, have you considered how your Wix website ranks in the eyes of Google? How do you make sure it shows up in search results and how do you make it friendly to Google? These are all important questions to ask when trying to make sure your website – and business – is successful.

Various studies have shown that more than 95 per cent of searchers use Google to find products and services, which means that Google can be hugely advantageous to businesses when it comes to generating web traffic. Google’s algorithms are regularly updated to ensure that the websites that appear higher up in search engine results pages (SERPs) are reliable and credible, making it important for businesses to keep up with the most recent rankings. This has put more focus on web design and development, with any poorly designed websites likely to rank lower in the SERPs.

When creating websites using Wix, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) needs to be taken into account to ensure their content is optimized correctly and that it appears as prominently as possible in the SERPs. It is worth noting that SEO settings are integrated into every website template in Wix; however, there are a number of extra steps that website owners need to take to ensure their website is friendly to Google and other search engines.In this article we will discuss the new features Wix has implemented to ensure SEO friendly websites, as well as outlining tactics to help website owners optimize their website step-by-step.

First, we will look at optimizing the content of a website to make sure it is being indexed correctly. We will also discuss the importance of using keywords in the correct places to the right density, how to enhance website loading speed, and the implications for website design and usability. Further, we will learn about managing the external and internal links of a website and the importance of using thumbnails in blog posts. Finally, we will cover off some of the specialized tools and settings Wix provides, such as the mobile dashboard, structured data, and site map submission.

Defining Wix and Google Friendly Websites

Having a website that is both user-friendly and indexed by Google is critical to growing your online presence. Wix is a popular web-building platform that enables users to create professional-looking sites with ease. However, many users struggle with understanding how to make Wix websites friendly to Google. This article will provide a few definitions that will help non-technical readers understand the importance of making a Wix website friendly to Google.

Indexing: This is the process that Google uses to crawl, or ‘read’, a page’s content and structure. Once a page is indexed, it will appear on search results. If a page is not indexed, it will not appear on search results.

SEO: SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is an effective way of optimizing webpages for search engines like Google. SEO involves using keywords, meta titles and descriptions, and user-friendly design elements to optimize a website’s visibility and ranking on search results.

Wix SEO Wiz: This is a tool provided by Wix that can help users optimize their websites for search engine rankings. The tool will provide Google-friendly recommendations and step-by-step instructions on how to best optimize a website for search results.

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Wix Mobile Editor: This is a feature within Wix that allows users to customize their website for mobile devices. A website should be optimized for mobile devices to ensure it is accessible and looks its best to Google’s bots.

By understanding these key definitions and how they apply to making Wix websites friendly to Google, non-technical readers can make sure their website is properly indexed and ranked higher on search engine results. With Wix SEO Wiz and Wix Mobile Editor, users can easily make their websites Google friendly and increase their chances of success on the web.

Optimise Your Wix Website for SEO

Optimise Your Wix Website for SEO

Utilise Search Engine Optimisation Tools

Wix websites come with a variety of built-in SEO tools designed to help your website rank higher in Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs). This includes an SEO Wiz, which provides tailored tips and step-by-step advice for each page of your website. You can also use the Edit Meta Tags tool to add page titles as well as meta descriptions – the short paragraphs that appear below each website link in Google search results. Adding keywords and phrases related to your content can improve your website’s visibility, directing potential customers to your website. Additionally, Wix enables users to create custom URLs and link back to your website from elsewhere on the web. All of these tools are powerful SEO elements to leverage when optimising your Wix website for Google.

Remain Consistent in Your Content

Audiences will engage more with content that is consistent, relevant, and well-structured. Creating content on a regular basis – whether it’s blog posts, newsletters, or other types of relevant content – helps to keep users engaged and helps Google to recognise your website as a reliable source of information. Additionally, focus on creating content that is relevant to your target audience – content that answers their questions and makes them feel welcomed and understood.
When writing content, be sure to break it up into easily digestible sections using headings (with the

tag) and paragraphs, including a short introduction and conclusion. Adding keywords throughout the content helps with SEO and can create a more enjoyable experience for the reader, helping them better comprehend your message.
Finally, it’s important to remove any broken links as any deadlinks can confuse the audience and hurt your website’s reputation.

Additional Tips

  • Enable a blog and use it to post regular updates to encourage readers to return to your website.
  • Make use of alt tags to ensure search engines effectively index images on your website.
  • Optimise your website for mobile devices to ensure users visiting your site via their phones or tablets have a good user experience.
  • Create an XML sitemap and submit it to Google to make sure that the search engine understands the inner workings of your website.

Choose Appropriate Site Structure and URLs

Organizing a website and ensuring that its URLs are friendly to Google can seem like a daunting task for someone who’s relatively new to website design. However, with a few tips and tricks, anyone can easily create a custom website on Wix that provide great user experience while being friendly to Google.
Creating Logical Site Structure With Breadcrumbs
It is important to ensure the internal pages of a website have a logical structure, and a great way to do it is with the help of breadcrumbs. Breadcrumbs are a series of links situated at the top of each page which allow users to track their steps as they delve deeper into the website. These links allow users to conveniently jump back to higher-level pages or the home page. Google also benefits from breadcrumbs, as it can help it better index and understand page structure.
Using Keywords and URLs
When it comes to creating effective URLs, it is important to keep them keyword-friendly to make it easier for users and Google to understand them. URLs which are too long can confuse users, and short URLs can also appear suspicious to users. As a general rule of thumb, URLs should be descriptive and as close to the page title as possible. Additionally, it is recommended to use keywords throughout the website, within titles, and headings so Google can better understand the contents of the page.
Minimizing Redirects
Redirects are a way to redirect a user from one page to another, and while they may be useful when it comes to serving content, it is important to keep them at minimum. Additionally, it is important to configure them to direct requests to the most relevant and up-to-date URL. Redirect chains should also be avoided at any cost as these can cause delays and can negatively impact the page’s indexing.
Keeping Content Fresh and Up-To-Date
Google continuously crawls websites to keep its index up-to-date and ensuring content remains fresh and updated is key for any website to be friendly to the search engine. Updating a website’s content every once in a while helps Google understand what the page is about, and can also help it assess relevancy. Content can be updated with the help of new blog posts, announcements from the company, or updating existing content as new facts and figures become available.

Improve Site Loading Speed and Performance

When it comes to creating and managing a website on Wix, loading speed and performance play a key role in making it friendly to Google. Creating an effective website that’s user-friendly for both searchers and search engine crawlers is essential for achieving the desired performance with Wix. This can be done by getting acquainted with how Wix works, choosing the best templates for your website, and optimizing various aspects of your site.

Choose The Right Wix Template

Choosing the right Wix template is key to creating a website that loads quickly and functions optimally. The template you select should be able to support media files without slowing down your website. Wix offers a variety of templates that are optimized for different websites, so make sure you select one that meets the needs of your site. Additionally, selecting the correct template can also help make your Wix website friendly to Google.

Optimizing Image Optimisation

Optimizing the size and quality of images is also a essential for ensuring that your website loads quickly and accurately. Wix has a built-in image optimization feature which allows users to easily resize and compress images without affecting quality. This helps keep your website optimized while still allowing it to remain visually appealing. Additionally, optimizing images for search engine crawlers is important for ensuring that your website is discoverable on search engine results pages.
Furthermore, you can also use caching to ensure that your website loads faster. Caching helps store data from previously visited pages and thus helps reduce loading times, making your site more effective. Additionally, Wix also has a built-in analytics feature that allows you to easily measure the performance of your website. This data is helpful in helping you understand how to make the necessary changes to optimize your website.
Finally, optimizing code is also essential in making your Wix website friendly to Google. You should ensure that your website is written in valid HTML and CSS that is correctly formatted so that search engine crawlers can easily read and understand it. Additionally, you should also ensure that your website does not contain any duplicate, malicious, or spammy content. By following these tips, you can ensure that your Wix website is optimized for success.


One of the most pressing questions for website owners is: How can we ensure that our Wix website is friendly to Google? After all, Google is the go-to search engine, and making sure it displays your website prominently is essential for visibility and success. The good news is that there are a few simple steps you can take to make your Wix site as Google-friendly as possible.
To make sure you’re making the most of your Wix website when it comes to SEO, we’d recommend bookmarking our blog and checking back often for new releases. We’re always happy to provide insight on the best strategies and tools for optimizing your website for Google.
To give you a better understanding of what makes Wix websites Google-friendly, here are some of the most frequently asked questions about website optimization that we get. How do I ensure my Wix website is indexed by Google? First and foremost, you must make sure your website is set to be indexed by Google. This will involve checking the settings of your website and making sure the “Search Engine” section is set to “Allow”. This will enable your website to show up on Google’s search engine. Is it important to use relevant keywords in my website content? To ensure your website is as visible as possible on Google, it’s important to use relevant keywords in your website content. This will make your website more likely to show up in relevant search engine results. We recommend doing research to find out which keywords and phrases are most relevant to your website’s content. Is an easy-to-use website layout important for SEO? Yes! User-friendly website design is crucial when it comes to SEO, as it will make it easier for users to navigate your website and find the information they’re looking for. A well organized, logical structure for your website will be beneficial not only for SEO, but for your website visitors as well. Are Wix websites mobile-friendly? Yes, Wix websites are designed with mobile optimization in mind. All Wix websites are mobile-friendly, with designs that adjust to fit any device, making it easy for users to access them from any device. Does SEO take a long time? SEO can take a bit of time, as it involves optimizing your website’s pages for the best SERP rankings. But with the right strategy and a bit of dedication, the rewards are definitely worth it. SEO is a long-term process, so make sure you stay focused on your SEO goals and update your website regularly.
At the end of the day, it’s important to understand that SEO is an ongoing process. It’s essential to be consistent and committed to it if you want to reap the rewards. As long as you’re taking the right steps to optimize your Wix website for Google, you’ll be in good shape.