WIX Review

When I first get acquainted with the Wix platform, I was pleasantly surprised by the degree of freedom that the user gets when working in this editor. In addition, it is important when your hands are untied and you can really do cool things, especially because the tools and functionality of the platform allow you to do it.

However, our modern world is far from ideal and Wix has its drawbacks. For example, I am very annoyed by its chaotic structure of the selection of elements and some interface options seem to me personally unfinished. Although, I can assume that this is only my subjective feeling and not every user will agree with me. In general, if the problems of failures in the software functionality you do not strain, then I am sure you will like the platform Wix!

Editor features

As soon as you start working in this comfortable and flexible platform, you will definitely feel how easy it is to create any objects here. All the elements are moving instantly, as if you have a magic wand in your hands. This can be well understood by presenting the creation of a PowerPoint presentation. Although I don’t think that’s the most important feature of this platform.

Of course, Wix, is not the only editor with similar capabilities. For example, Squarespace also provides users with similar options, though it should be noted that other developers allow this to be done in a limited format of a single grid. Wix is definitely more mobile than its other counterparts.

Let us take a closer look at this feature of the editor. The free space of the canvas allows a person to create various structural elements, projects and objects without restrictions. In this sense, this software product can be compared with Photoshop, namely the way in which it is editing objects. However, you need to keep in mind that editing a site is much more complex process than processing images in PowerPoint or Photoshop. Therefore, the obvious shortcoming of the Wix, I think the blur in terms of the hierarchy of its structure.

To present this process more clearly: let us say you need to add more text characters to the sheet in the editor. Here is a picture that when you add text begins to move down and that is right. But there is one caveat – the overall formatting of the material on the page is shifted, the distance from the text and footer is reduced, which is absolutely unacceptable for the creation of some documents. You see, it turns out such a strange thing – in order to change one element, you have to correct all subsequent errors and changes in editing.

Alternatively, another situation – when I start working in the editor on a mobile device and carry out such manipulations with pictures and text, changes are not displayed here. It turns out I have to do the same job twice: edit the text first in the full version of the site, and then change it in the mobile app. It is very inconvenient and time consuming.

One day I decided to add an online store to my resource. In principle, this option works fine in Wix. But in my case it turned out that due to the addition of the store began to malfunction in the navigation on my site. It turns out that the user can not be sure, working on the Wix platform, that all the functionality here is perfect and brought to automatism. And in general, it is unclear to me why, when I change one object in the editor, something else automatically changes.

For example, I created a title in a certain format and started saving it, but instead I changed not the title but the site logo. And such minor flaws I noticed a lot while working on Wix.

I can not say that these small nuances are of great importance for the average user who is looking for a platform for the creation and development of Internet projects. Perhaps many of you will not pay attention to these shortcomings.

Obviously, and I can admit it – Wix is the perfect designer to create any online product from scratch. Here is a huge list of a variety of tools. Only one anchor drag is worthy to appreciate the functionality of the editor.

Structure of Wix

How do you understand the ease and freedom of working in editors? For me, the answer is Wix. This system does not impose anything, it only offers options and tools, and the user already chooses the best model of work in the editor.

Here platform presents so many different elements and characters that simply dazzled. You can choose something new every time and each of your new online product will look unique as a result. But it is the uniqueness of the content which is the main attractive feature of the software product, right?

I love that Wix offers users a wide range of audio players. No other modern software developer offers anything like this.

And what do you say about the Repeators element? Personally, I have never seen such an option on any platform. With such a database, you can easily edit even very large text. You just have to set the page parameters, all the deviations and combinations of elements, and then enable the repeat option. All subsequent pages will be modeled in a similar way. This is a very handy feature for creating reports, lists, various modules and templates.

But what really attracts new customers to this coaching base is a large range of applications – more than 300! Here each user will find the answer to his request.

Of course not so easy is to understand this blossom diversity, especially the inexperienced web designer. Many applications and elements contradict each other and create a sense of anarchy. You may get the feeling that the functionality of this editor is too versatile, without logical consistency and validity.

So, as soon as I first encountered the editor of the blog, I found an option that allows you to remove the sound at the time when a new application comes to the online store from potential customers. What is this for?

I noticed that small icons and a menu symbol pop up everywhere. They appear constantly. Literally, each item has its own menu! Therefore, it becomes difficult to distinguish one option from another, and to understand the true parameters of an element can be difficult.

Although, perhaps, all this is done on purpose, because the disorder and freedom – the concepts are identical?!

I was impressed by the following platform options:

  •  Organization of catering. Here you will find a full list of menu items, delivery requests, pre-booking options and so on.
  • Musical aspect. Audio players certainly attract users to the Wix platform, but not only them. The editor allows you to save music and share it to other resources such as Distrokid or CD Baby.
  • Order function. Here users are given the opportunity to offer meetings, workshops and seminars that your potential customers can book on your site. The convenience of this option is that a person can easily take orders through the Wix mobile application. Also, a payment system is available here.
  • Organization of events. Gather people on your website, sell tickets to concerts, invite to seminars, make lists of visitors and so on. Connect services of electronic payment systems.
  • Create forums. Thanks to Wix you will be able to unite people of interest by creating thematic platforms for conversations and topical discussions. The platform allows such conversations not only in the format of text posts, but also by video.
  • Store masterpieces. With the help of Wix the world learns about your creations. Here you will be able to sell any digital works and pictures, create unique slides and put on your unique pictures the appropriate icon of your personal brand.

Large selection of topics

Here you will find a variety of themes – from ultra-modern to quite conservative and even a little archaic. I just found over 500 of those and it’s a decent indicator. Although again I drew attention to the lack of consistency in them.

In order to apply a particular theme in the work, the user must first get acquainted with Wix ADI. This is such a unique tool “AI Website Design”. With it you will be able to create and format different templates that will be different from each other.

This tool needs some improvements, especially if we talk about its application on the Wix platform.

An important point – be careful when choosing topics. If you choose one option, you will not be able to switch to another. So think well, what kind of theme you need and only then click on it.

All themes on the Wix platform are perfectly adapted for mobile devices. Sometimes, though you have to edit the same text twice – on your mobile device and on your computer.

In order to edit objects on your resource using the Wix platform, you need to perform this process individually for each element each time. Unfortunately, the general editor of themes and styles is absent here.

In this process, there are both disadvantages and obvious advantages. For example, among the advantages of editing on the basis of Wix, I can confidently note its flexibility and simplicity of all operations. You can change the look of your site an infinite number of times, creating and adding to it all new images and objects. Competitors, such as Squarespace, do not offer this.

The user has great opportunities to do everything he wants on this basis. He can transform animations, twist and twirl photos and pictures, and many more options. But Wix does not give clear recommendations, the user is left to himself in this sense.

 What is unique about Wix: properties and characteristics

  •  Views Builder

It is worth taking into account that the platform has some limitations that relate to the global creation of the form. Each element is created separately here. On Wix, you can only add text fields. As for the installation of various files, switches or flags, it is not easy to do. To do this, the user must have access to the full Wix form Builder, and this program can be downloaded from the app store. As soon as you purchase any submission forms, the provider will send them to your email address.

  • Mobile app for Android and IOS

The Wix mobile app is available for popular operating platforms. It allows you to manage your website easily and naturally. However, you can not use the mobile application to make changes or add new texts and pictures to your online resource.

  • Good visualization

Those my pictures that I managed to upload to the platform Wix had a pretty good resolution and looked professional and high quality.

  • Work with information

You can create registration forms for various mailing lists, groups that work with Wix ShoutOut. In addition, if necessary, it is possible to merge registration forms with Mailchimp or Constant Contact. To do this, simply download the application to your website.

  • Contacts and interaction between the participants

All members of the application can access the hidden information content. This function can not be called very necessary, but some users still need it.

  • From scratch

If you want to create a website from scratch, then this platform will be the best for you. This is really a very cool and convenient designer! To change headers and footers you only need to make a couple of clicks. The range of tools and design elements is simply amazing! The style setting is very diverse. The designer can change the background, use animation elements, add sounds and shadows. Only one drawback – there is no global settings.

  • Multi-language platform

Theoretically, with Wix you can create a multilingual site. But in practice it looks quite difficult, because you have to duplicate each page in each language separately. And it’s very tiring.

  • Applications for catering

This platform allows you to download various options of the restaurant sector. This can be done through the App Market functions. Here you will find several menu templates. They all look great! As for the device of the menu and its settings, here you will need to get used to the tools and all its subtleties and features. To add items to the menu, click on the menu, then on the Edit menu button, click the restaurant Menu in the sidebar, then select the correct menu and section.

  • Donation features

You can download these apps. To do this, you can choose the PayPal option. With this system, all money transfers will come to your account very quickly. Although I think the Squarespace donation system is more elaborate.  

  • Wide range of audio players

Here on the platform you can use a wide range of audio players: Soundcloud, Spotify and a bunch of options for different Wix music players.

  • Podcasts

If you need to host podcasts, Wix won’t help you. Although, if you are satisfied – you will get a podcast player that you can connect to your resource.

E-Commerce rating

This platform is quite popular among consumers. This is evidenced by a survey of respondents – owners of various trading platforms. More than 80% experience comfort from interaction with Wix.

Why do people choose Wix? It’s simple – the platform gives consumers a variety of attractive trading options: system of coupons and discounts, the possibility of delivery, including free, a large range of digital products and many other bonuses. However, the platform has something to work on to become better.

For example, Wix should think about how to make it possible to change receipts sent by e-mail. And yet, I think it is necessary to improve some features of the functionality of the editor. I do not understand why I have every time to take away costs and to lay them in the price of the goods. I think it can be made more convenient.

Wix, according to many customers, is a reliable alternative for opening new stores. The services of this platform have a lower cost than some competitors, and this is a key advantage for many customers.

Features of blogging

In this sense, the platform has quite rich content and tools. Here we will not talk about an empty canvas. Blog editor is a quality and consistent structure. You will be able to insert text and image laconically and everything will look very attractive.

Also, I note that Wix allows customers to choose among 8 options for picture templates to insert messages into the blog.

Or you have another option where you can only use the standard set of options. Drafts, authors, categories, view counts, likes, reading time and so on. In order to write the text that you will need to post tomorrow or next week, you need to save it in a draft. There are no settings for future publications in this editor.

The platform does not support the AMP system, unlike Squarespace, which in 2019 is the only developer of programs and sites to support AMP.

In order to work with comments, keep in mind that all discussions take place only within the Wix system, without involving Facebook and Disqus resources.

How much Wix costs: free format

You can use the free version of the platform, though this option is limited in time and size. Thus, in the free format, the bandwidth is 500 MB, the free URL can not be called very successful, and you will constantly experience inconvenience due to pop-UPS and ads.

The advantages of the free version – the trial version is valid for an unlimited number of days. For example, other competitors have a free time limit of only 14 days.

Interaction with search platforms

If earlier this platform used Flash, today Wix abandoned it and thus improved its rating.

You can also add about the structure of URLS, which also previously spoiled the image of this platform. Wix doesn’t use it anymore. In 2016, this editor refused it. After all the quality of the innovations of recent years, Wix has even been endorsed by one of the global leaders in the SEO space – Random Piscinam.

Today Wix offers a complete list of what most computer users need for SEO.

Paid format

For users of the paid format Wix offers seven different options. Four plans for common user sites and three for e-Commerce and stores. I studied Wix pricing in detail. Therefore, I strongly recommend you to pay attention to this information.

Domains and Email

Wix operates on the freemium business model, offering the ability to create sites for free and develop them by acquiring useful improvements. For example, premium rates allow you to connect your own domain to the site, remove Wix banners, add an online store, get additional storage space, coupons for advertising and so on.

Domain names on Wix cost $ 14.95 / year. This is not about security and privacy, because if you have a domain, it must be open). These options are paid separately. WHOIS – it costs US$9.90 / year.

If you decide not to spend many money on a domain name, you can register on Namecheap. Namecheap domain names are around $14 per year. This includes the price for privacy.

When you register on the platform, Wix offers customizable e-mail addresses from G Suite from Google. G Suite basically allows you to use Gmail for a custom email address. I am sure that G Suite in 2019 deserves the title of the best email provider.

Wix gives a single price to G Suite. Thus, the monthly fee for the provision of service will be $5.